Shin Yue Wang - artistic director

Artistic Director Shin Yue Wang

an award-winning performing artist with nearly 30 years of experience in stage productions and dance instruction. Her numerous awards include: "Best Performer”, “Best Performance", and "Best Instructor" in the nationally acclaimed, "Peach Plum Cup Competition". Ms. Wang graduated from the prestigious “Central University for Nationalities” in Beijing. Due to her extraordinary talent and skill, she was chosen to become a professor for her Alma Mater. While at the university, she taught classes in Chinese cultural dance and Ballet, in addition to choreographing numerous outstanding dance pieces.

Ms. Wang also taught courses in: “Art Development in Dance”, “Psychology in Art Education”, “Structured Approach in Dance Training” and “Practices and Study in the Direction of Chinese Cultural Dance”. Shin Wang served as China’s Art and Culture Performance Ambassador to over 10 countries and was hailed by critics as the “best performing artist”. Her extraordinary talents, combined with her unique perspectives, have created thought provoking pieces that are rich in culture, emotion, and innovation.